When it comes to selling your home it is a responsibility that I take very seriously. I give 110%… My business is mostly built on a referral basis so therefore I have to do a great job or no one is going to refer me and that would not be good!

Here is the process that I follow when it comes to selling your home

  • I will drop off a Neighbourhood Market Activity Report to you which I will ask you to review before our first meeting. It will show you what is active in your area and what has sold recently so we have a starting point when we meet.

  • I then meet with you to find out more about your home, take room measurements and will gather any other relevant information. I will work with you to determine when is the best time to put your home on the market and at what price.

  • If you decide to hire me, I will draw up a Listing Agreement (written contract) to establish that I am working for you.

  • I will put my lawn sign up with a “Coming Soon” topper to build Pent-up Demand.

  • I have an interior decorator that I work closely with and I can bring her in to advise on what needs to be done if anything to get your home ready for the market place and she will assist in staging so it looks its very best for the public.

  • If you are needing any work done from the trades, I can recommend a few professional tradespeople for you to choose from.

  • I then remove my “Coming Soon” topper from my FOR SALE sign on your lawn to introduce your home for sale to the marketplace and will place a lockbox on your front door to facilitate with the viewings.

  • I will hire a professional photographer who will come in with me and take amazing photos of your home to show your home in the best way possible and will create a virtual tour of certain rooms in your home so it appears as the potential buyer is standing in the center of the room looking around.

  • Once this is done then the listing is processed and put on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and I attach the pictures and the link for the virtual tour for the public to see.

  • Your home is listed on our RE/MAX.ca website and of course my own professional website.

  • Your home will be my “Feature Home” for the first 2 weeks so everyone going to my website will see your home first.

  • A link will be added to my email signature that will direct people to your home as my Feature Home.

  • Your home will be added as my Feature Home to my Monthly Newsletters.

  • I prepare feature booklets for your home that will remain in your house. People who visit your home and may be interested will take these home and review the information.

  • I also prepare feature sheets which are distributed to my colleagues and other sales representatives in the area to be shared with their buyers to see if there is any interest.

  • Your home is put on my social media networks – Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google + and Instagram.

  • Your home is advertised for sale on a variety of websites that are linked to our MLS system in order to have a farther reach to potential buyers.

  • I will have an open house for all the agents in the area, if that is convenient to you. An invitation will be sent out to them personally with information on your home.

  • I will hold open houses for the public when it is convenient to you. The details of the open house will be posted on my website, the MLS as well as the RE/MAX.ca website.

  • I will contact you once a week to provide you with any feedback received from potential buyers or their agents. If you would like to speak with me, I am available through voicemail, email, fax and afterhour paging services.

  • When you receive an offer I will guide you through the negotiation process to ensure that you get the best conditions, terms and price for your home.

  • I will always be available long after the sale of your home, should you have any questions, need a referral of a tradesperson or just want to talk. I will always be here for you.